Musings of an Atheist.
Monday, March 01, 2004
Welcome to my first post! Let's not doddle!

"The Passion of the

Hmmm... heart wenching movies. I'm conflicted on peoples reactions to this story. Some are against it straight out. Some are for it straight out. Without even seeing it.

Opening day... people buy out whole viewings for their church group, etc.

Then, like vultrues, or ambulance chasing lawyers, different denominations wait outside the theaters to apostle, preach, rant, what have you... to the weak and strong alike, to turn a wayward soul into money.

Let's face it. Religion is Power/Money. It's an industry just like Exxon, or Philip-Morris. If you're turning that profit with out actually turing out a product, you'd fight tooth and nail to keep yourself in business. Amen!

This movie has about as much reality to it as Star Wars, or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Of course this is a personal opinion. I'm sure it's a compelling movie. I love Mel Gibson's work. However, when it comes out on cable, I might invest the 2-3 hours to see a good story.

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